The construction industry is changing and will change sustainably due to digitization using BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the outsourcing of processes.

This shifts the construction process to some areas from the construction site to the production facilities of industrial companies in order to improve the quality of processes and to reduce direct and indirect costs. Up until now, significant cost drivers have been
specialist staff on the construction site, cost surcharges on material from subcontractors and reworking through unforeseen reworking.

TGA (technical building equipment) is an essential part of this. Since each trade works on its own on the construction site, suspensions and assemblies for pipes, cables and other lines are each newly attached or added to existing suspensions without consultation. This can be remedied by a holistic view of the TGA, in which the production of assemblies is centralized and outsourced.

Here there are different levels of vertical integration, ranging from rail cutting, through commissioning, assembly including rail cutting and 3D drawings, to the pre-assembly of entire assemblies.

We support you in every area!

Profil cutting

We cut all profiles to the desired length, if required also taking the hole pattern into account.


We pack together complete sets for you according to a parts list. We cater to your special requirements and desired suppliers.


The pre-assembly of assemblies is one of our core competencies.
Here we pay attention to the economical partial construction of assemblies, so that a cost-effective delivery is also kept in mind.
Please contact us with your requirements, we will work out a corresponding concept.


In order to offer a holistic service, we would be happy to come to you on the construction site.
We are happy to offer you the entire spectrum, from creating measuring points to drilling holes and assembling the components. < / p>

We would be happy to support you with the transfer of BIM-to-Field as well as with the back-integration of Field-to-BIM.