Acmos product catalog

Modern metalworking media from the proven ACMOS range

  • ACMOSIT 64-02

    Water-miscible cooling lubricant for machining
    steel, gray cast iron and aluminum.
    Good lubricating performance. Good corrosion protection.

  • ACMOSIT 64-200

    Water-miscible cooling lubricant for machining
    high-strength materials with
    high removal rates. Contains EP additives.

  • ACMOSIT 64-82

    Water-miscible cooling lubricant. Universally
    usable for machining
    and for grinding. Free of amine and boric acid.

  • ACMOSIT 64-84

    Water-miscible cooling lubricant with the same
    good properties as ACMOSIT 64-82,
    but particularly suitable for the heaviest machining
    . Free of amine and boric acid.

  • ACMOSIT 64-86

    Water-miscible cooling lubricant. For
    machining where a high
    lubrication performance is required.

  • ACMOSIT 65-62

    Water-soluble special grinding coolant for
    all grinding work, especially suitable for hard metal materials. Prevents the absorption of cobalt ions in the grinding solution. Low-foaming. Amine-free.

  • ACMOSIT 60-106

    Cutting oil for general machining
    machining of steels and non-ferrous metals
    with very good performance.
    High-alloy, chlorine-free EP cutting oil.

  • ACMOSIN 51-10

    Drainage and corrosion protection agent.
    Forms a thin, invisible protective film. For treating parts for short-term indoor storage.

  • ACMOSIN 51-14

    Drainage and corrosion protection agent with reinforced rust protection. Thin, oily protective film with good long-term effect.

  • ACMOSIN 55-06

    Water-miscible corrosion protection agent.
    Free from mineral oil. Can be used in washing and cleaning systems, especially for multi-chamber washing systems, wet pressure blasting systems and normal immersion or jet cleaning systems.
    Also suitable for immersion preservation
    of washed parts and as corrosion protection
    of steel and cast parts.

  • ACMOSIN 51-18

    Drainage and corrosion protection agent.
    Forms a thin, invisible protective film. For treating parts for long-term indoor storage.

  • ACMOSITOL 62-23

    Thread cutting agent for steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metal and light metal. Very good lubricating effect. Also suitable for sawing, milling, drilling and reaming. Chlorine-free.

  • ACMOSITOL 62-31

    Thread cutting paste for difficult machining processes,
    in particular thread cutting,
    where good adhesion of the lubricant to the tool is required. Chlorine-free.

  • ACMOSIT 66-11

    Water-miscible lubricant for profiling strip material, especially Cr / Ni steel, cold rolled steel and light metal. Free from mineral oil.

  • ACMOSIT 66-504

    Mineral oil-based lubricant for profiling
    galvanized material and cold rolled steel.

    White rust formation is prevented. Good corrosion protection.

  • ACMOSIT 65-50

    Water-soluble grinding coolant for mixed machinery, and suitable for almost all grinding work with the exception of hard metals. Copper stable ..

  • ACMOSIT 63-08

    High-performance oil for punching and forming aluminum and steel, can also be used with stainless steel to a limited extent. Also suitable for deep drawing of stainless steels. Free of chlorine.